International Marketing Anchor Entrepreneurs Club

IntlMAEC Group

Head office in Silicon Valley, is working on pushing forward the Self Marketing reform in the Intelligence Age, trying to build the platform “IntlMAEC 4S” (Self Marketing platform in the Intelligence Age by IntlMAEC Group). So far, the Company has developed the system “IntlMAEC Training Course for Self Marketing in the Intelligence Age” and set up “IntlMAEC International Marketing Anchor Entrepreneurs Club”. By these, IntlMAEC Group helps ambitious youth all over the world set up their own Self Marketing platforms to make their start-up dreams come true.

Development Vision

Lead the Self Marketing Reform in the Intelligence Age

IntlMAEC Group has a system “Self Marketing System in the Intelligence Age” with five marketing strategies:

  • Big Data Marketing
  • Intelligent Marketing
  • Accurate Marketing
  • Immerse Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing

Relying on this system, the company will definitely push forward the Self Marketing reform and help all ambitious youths realize their career dreams.

Currently, the Company mainly has its businesses carried out in the USA, China, India and Israel etc., whose major products include IntlMAEC 4S Service Platform, IntlMAEC Start-up Tutorship System, IntlMAEC Incubation Service and IntlMAEC Promotion System.

IntlMAEC 4S Service Platform

USJ IntlMAEC School of Business (Silicon Valley)

International Marketing Anchor Entrepreneurs Club

International Marketing Anchor Entrepreneurs Competition

IntlMAEC Silicon Valley Base

IntlMAEC Chengdu Base

Consulting team with 36 PhDs from the USA and several full-time & part-time employees

Several patents and IP courses