Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development No.21

Finding a job can’t be done overnight. To get a satisfactory job, you often need to go through a series of strict and intense steps from the initial preparation of the resume to the final on-site interview. The most critical step for job seekers to be most worried about is the onsite interview. In this issue, we will share with the students the double interview experience as an interviewer and job seeker.


Time: Every Saturday, 13:30 – 15:30

Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Jose CA 95112, #200

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Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development No.18


Time: 13:30 – 15:30 PDT 09/01/2018
Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Jose, CA 95112

This issue is based on the previous issue, how to introduce yourself during the interview, and an in-depth analysis of common Q&A cases. Self-introduction is an indispensable part of the interview and is easily overlooked but it is the key to the interview.

Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development

This Saturday, we will go through some of the recommended methods of the interview and deeply analyze the precautions in the interview process. When we are fully prepared before the interview, your Offer will be close at hand!

Tip 1 Question and Answer during job interviews
Tip 2 Call Company Receptionists
Tip 3. Minimal Accessories
Tip 4. Professional Hairstyle
Tip 5. Close-Shoes are Mandatory
Tip 6. Dress-up that Suits your Budget
Tip 7. Check and Fit
Tip 8. Follow Basic Hygiene
Tip 9. Purse is a Big NO
Tip 10. The offer is the first


Time: 08/18 2018 13:30-15:30
Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Jose, CA 95112
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Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development

Time: 13:30 – 15:30 08/11/2018
Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Jose CA 95112 #200
Phone: (408)-571-6516

When looking for a job, what is the time to make an appointment for an interview? How to arrange the time to answer questions during the interview? For most job seekers, how to choose the most appropriate time before and after the interview, as well as the timing of answering questions during the interview process, may seem insignificant, in fact, there is inextricably linked to your Offer. If you are lucky to get the Offer, this shows that you are fully prepared in all aspects. In this issue, we share with you how to arrange the time properly during the job search process to help you get the Offer.

Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development

For most interviewers, the employer will ask for the documents before and after the interview. This makes sense. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare relevant documents for reference.

In this issue, we will discuss what happens if the documents are about to expire or have expired during the interview.

Event Host:

BinLi                       WechatIMG34

Dr.Bin Li, Vice President of USJ          Jim Chen Employment counselor

Special Guests:Immigration lawyers

James Woody 陈诚

James, USJ Consultant                                    Woody, USJ Consultant                                    Cheng, USJ Consultant

James Cai Lawyer (JD) has served as an internal legal counsel for Yahoo! His legal expertise focuses on corporate law, civil litigation, and immigration law (L-1, EB-5, H-1B, EB-1A). In China, Chinese state-owned and private companies set up multinational companies in the US, hiring operational executives, executives, and investment immigrants. He has successfully represented Yahoo!, Intel, Nokia, Hisense, OFO, Yulon Group, Webex, Suzhou Industrial Park.

Time: 13:30 – 15:30 August 4th, 2018

Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Lorenzo CA 95112

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Production/Advertising/Marketing Internship

Case A. Production/Advertising/Marketing Designer


1.   Taking care of the brand and making sure it’s on the right way.

2.   Using creative and advertising strategy to boost our marketing and sales.

3.   Create digital contents, such as emails, documents, presentation slideshows, web, social media graphics, online campaign, video editing, motion graphics.



1.    AdobePhotoshop, Illustrator, (InDesign is a plus);

2.    AdobePremier (After Effects is a plus), Final Cut Pro;

3.    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube;

4.    Microsoft Office / Google Docs;

5.    Copywriting skills is a plus! (BilingualEnglish-Chinese)



Bachelor / Master’s degree inrelated major: Graphic Design / Advertisement, Web Design / Marketing /Computer Science / Multimedia and Communication


What you will achieve:

1.    Help to grow the real business using your creative talents and problem-solving skills and add this experience to elevate your Resume and Portfolio.


2.    Portfolio Review

Case B. Creative Technology In Self – Marketing

Retail Store Campaign

Modifying Projection/AR technology in order to boost the quantity of the visitor, and make the store go viral.


1.  Bachelor or Master in Advertising, Graphic Design, or New Media related major is preferred.

2. Basic understanding of Processing(Java)/P5.js(JavaScript)/Unity(C#)/3D Modeling is a huge plus