Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development

This Saturday, we will go through some of the recommended methods of the interview and deeply analyze the precautions in the interview process. When we are fully prepared before the interview, your Offer will be close at hand!

Tip 1 Question and Answer during job interviews
Tip 2 Call Company Receptionists
Tip 3. Minimal Accessories
Tip 4. Professional Hairstyle
Tip 5. Close-Shoes are Mandatory
Tip 6. Dress-up that Suits your Budget
Tip 7. Check and Fit
Tip 8. Follow Basic Hygiene
Tip 9. Purse is a Big NO
Tip 10. The offer is the first


Time: 08/18 2018 13:30-15:30
Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Jose, CA 95112
Eventbrite: Click here

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