Warmly Welcome Ms. Zhaohua Liu (Outstanding Female Entrepreneur in Sichuan) Become Counselor of USJ

Recently, Chairman Zhaohua Liu, who is a famous female Entrepreneur in Sichuan, and chairman of Chengdu First Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., becomes the counselor of USJ. University of San Jose, founded by the first Chinese Investment Group in Silicon Valley. University of San Jose focuses on the talent training in AI, Blockchain and Self Marketing, and it is an innovative practice of the “American Dream” and “Chinese Dream” for Chinese in Silicon Valley.

Chairman Zhaohua Liu is the chairman of Chengdu First Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., representative of Chengdu people’s congress, Red-Banner Holders, and vice president of China Medical Pharmaceutical Association. Chairman Liu is a doer who has the habit of taking action. Her personal charm is not only from a clear self-awareness but also from a keen sense of control over current society.

Chairman Liu believes big data and artificial intelligence will have a bright future. She is looking forward to cooperating with USJ to create a better academic environment, cultivate higher-end talents, create a newer, stronger and more perfect world.

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