Mini-Sharing Session For Career Development No.22

The back of the “success” we see is often supported by a team, not an individual. Whether you like Teamwork or not, whether you are fed up with Teamwork in college, whether your personality is suitable for Teamwork, you must accept the fact that when you step into the community. Teamwork becomes the company’s most valued quality. Since “cannot hide”, it is better to “learn to take responsibility” – in fact, the team is very large, there is always a role for you. So how do you choose your role in the team? This time we will focus on the roles and corresponding abilities and obligations of the team, so that everyone can better understand what role they are more suitable for.

Time: Every Saturday, 13:30 – 15:30

Location: 1631 N 1st St. San Jose CA 95112, #200

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